Remo Nitschke

PhD Student

About Remo Nitschke

Linguistics PhD student and Human Language Technology student.

I am working on ways to make neural machine translation technologies accessible to low-resource language communities. On the theoretical side, I currently work on the Syntax of German adjectives and on topics pertaining the evolution of language.

I'm an RA with the ToMCAT project.

My github can be found here.

Research Interests

Morphosyntax, Adjectives, Evolution of Language, Computational Linguistics, Parsers, NNs, NMT

Selected Publications


Nitschke, Remo (2021). "Restoring the sister: Reconstructing a lexicon from sister languages using neural machine translation" In: Proceedings of the First Workshop  on  Natural  Language  Processing  for  Indigenous  Languages  of  the  Americas,  pages  122–130, Online. Association for Computational Linguistics

Nitschke, Remo (2020) "Using Genetic Data to Make Linguistic Arguments: Are Clicks Evidence of Late Externalization?", University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics: Vol. 26 : Iss. 1 , Article 22.

Talks given:

"On the Extended Projection of German Adjectives", A0: The Adjective as a Lexical Category, Bled-Slovenia, 10/13/2018

"Using Genetic Evidence to Make Linguistic Arguments: pitfalls and opportunities", PLC 43, UPenn, Philadelphia, 03/24/2019

"Viel Geliebt: German participal adjectives and degree words", ALC 13, University of Arizona, Tucson, 10/25/2019