Undergraduate Minor Requirements

Minor requirements:

Students must complete 18 units of minor coursework, half of which must be upper-division (9 units).

Introductory Core Course (3 units):

  • LING 201 (Introduction to Linguistics) - a prerequisite for most other courses

Additional Core Courses (6 units; choose two):

  • LING 300 (Introduction to Syntax)
  • LING 314 (Phonetics)
  • LING 310 (Linguistic Typology)
  • LING 315 (Introduction to Phonology)
  • LING 364 (Introduction to Formal Semantics)

Linguistics Minor Electives (9 units):

  • at least 3 units of upper division electives
  • 6 additional units of linguistics electives

Please note that although double-dipping between majors is allowed with the consent of both degree programs, this is not true of double-dipping between majors and minors. Often this means that a double degree or double major is as easy or easier to complete than another major and a linguistics minor. We're happy to discuss the difference in requirements at any time!