Accelerated M.S. HLT Degree Requirements

Initial Requirements

Once students are admitted to the Accelerated Master of Science in Human Language Technology they are required to meet with the HLT AMP coordinator, Dr. Sandiway Fong, to discuss and determine their plan of study.

Students must select an advisor from among the HLT faculty, and submit a Master Plan of Study before the end of their first semester in the HLT Accelerated Master's Program (HLT AMP).

Undergraduate Requirements

Students will be considered undergraduates until they complete their undergraduate requirements, which should be no later than the end of the fourth year in an undergraduate degree program. Students must take at least 12 of their graduate credits while in graduate status. LING 400-level courses that are co-convened with 500-level courses (e.g. LING 403/503, 438/538, 439/539) cannot be counted toward the MS degree; in other words, LING 403 cannot be counted toward a student's MS degree, but LING 503 can.

  • Successful completion of the HLT Internship is required as part of this degree.
  • During years 1-3 of their undergraduate degree (or approximately 0-90 credits), students will be taking undergraduate coursework and charged at the undergraduate rate.
  • Once admitted to HLT AMP, during the senior (or transition year), they may take up to 12 units of graduate coursework which may apply toward both the Bachelor’s and the Master’s degrees. Students will be charged at the undergraduate rate and retain eligibility for undergraduate scholarships.

Graduate Requirements

After completion of all Bachelors’ requirements, students will be granted graduate status, be charged at the graduate rate, and will be eligible for graduate assistantships. The student won’t be eligible to graduate nor will they be eligible for assistantships until all Bachelors’ requirements are completed. While an undergraduate, every student in this degree program is required to keep their graduate coursework cumulative GPA at 3.0 or higher to be eligible for admission to the HLT AMP.

  • Should a student have completed 12 graduate credits, but not yet completed the undergraduate degree, they will be considered as a graduate student for financial aid and tuition purposes and coded as ‘graduate’ in UAccess. They will no longer be eligible for undergraduate scholarships, nor will they be eligible for graduate assistantships.
  • At least 12 graduate credits must be taken while in graduate status, after completing all degree requirements for the Bachelor’s.

Students should complete their undergraduate requirements as soon as possible, but may not do so later than one semester before receiving their Master’s degree. Students finishing their undergraduate requirements later than one semester before receiving their Master’s degree will no longer be eligible for undergraduate scholarships, nor will they be eligible for graduate assistantships. Neither degree will be awarded until the undergraduate requirements are completed along with the Master’s degree requirements.