NAMA Degree Requirements

The Native American Languages and Linguistics MA consists of 26 units of coursework plus 6 units of thesis.

Sample Courses:

  • LING 527: Linguistics for Native American Communities
  • LING 597A: Workshop in Descriptive Linguistics
  • LING 521: Language Revitalization, Maintenance and Documentation
  • LING 545A: Structures of Non-Western Languages
  • LING 588: Linguistic Elicitation and Documentation
  • LING 599: Independent Study*
  • AIS/LRC 678: Contemporary American Indian Education & Research
  • IRLS 674: Preservation of Digital Collections
  • IRLS 554: Diverse Cultures, Communities, and Libraries
  • LRC 795C: Language Planning and Education

* Independent Study units are scheduled with the approval of an advisor and students may work with a faculty member whose expertise is in the student's language or related topic.


A thesis is required and is evaluated by the student's committee. The topic of the thesis must also be approved by the committee.