Ph.D. Degree Requirements

Core Courses

In the first semester, students take the following two courses:

In addition to LING 503 and LING 510, students must take five courses of the following areas.

Computation Linguistics

Language Revitalization






Areas of Specialization

Students will also major in a specialization from the following areas, completing 36 total units. The requirements for these specializations will overlap with the core requirements. However, major and minor course specializations must not overlap:

  • Computational linguistics
  • Language Revitalization
  • Phonological Theory
  • Psycholinguistics (developmental or adult)

For more information, please visit the Graduate Student Handbook.

Graduate Handbook

Other requirements

Two iterations of the required colloquium course, LING595A, are to be taken in the 1st and 2nd semesters, one unit each. These are important parts of graduate education. All other students may also enroll in the colloquium for additional semesters.

A minimum of two seminars is required. However, students are encouraged to attend all seminars that meet their curricular goals throughout their graduate career, and should consult with their advisor on the number and type of additional seminars to consider

There is a required one-credit course on professionalism, LING689, Professionalism in Linguistics, (separate from the comprehensive exam course) to be taken by the 6th semester.

Students are required to complete written and oral exams to demonstrate their expertise in their selected fields.

Students are required to complete 9 units in a minor. Minor specializations can be internal to Linguistics or from an external department.

Students must complete 18 units of dissertation coursework, conducting and defending original research.